Triple-Four Limited Edition Racing Chronograph Watch

Swiss Luxury Watch Designed by Sir Terence Conran

When Sir Terence was asked if he would like to design a Racing Chronograph for Brooklands Watch Company in October 2018, he was genuinely delighted with the prospect. The two Chronograph watches envisaged by this legendary designer over the next two years were sadly his last creations. This first model is very special and released as a limited edition of just 500 pieces. The design was to be realised in Switzerland incorporating a high-quality mechanical movement, and the watch was to offer a journey of discovery for its new owner. Sir Terence visited Brooklands as part of his research and found it to be moving and inspiring. While viewing the displays of cars he was particularly drawn to the Napier-Railton with its huge Napier Lion aircraft engine. This extraordinary engine had been the key to the car's many successes, and the Triple-Four rotor references a key feature of the engine's design.

triple four watch from different angles
Overview of Triple four, Model 1 Racing Chronograph by Brooklands Watches.
sir terence conran with cigar in mouth

Sir Terence Conran

Designer of the Triple-Four

This stunning portrait was commissioned by Brooklands Watch Company and painted in acrylics by Jason Brooks. Jason met with Sir Terence on several occasions at the family home in order to capture his image during the period Terence was designing motor racing watches.


Triple-Four Limited Edition Racing Chronograph

£5,754.00 (inc. of UK VAT)


The Designer

Simplicity, beauty, functionality and surprise

terence conran signature

Sir Terence Conran

Founder of The Conran Shop, designer and restaurateur, Sir Terence Conran was widely regarded as the voice of authority on design in the UK. Sir Terence remembered his father going to the races at Brooklands on Saturdays, so nearly 80 years later, Sir Terence relished the opportunity to design a racing chronograph watch with his father in mind. A gift from son to father, for use at the races.

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Napier Railton racing at Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit
sir terence conran sit in a chair

Our heritage

Discover more about this British heritage watch company

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The Napier-Railton

Powered by a legendary aircraft engine

Commissioned by John Cobb in late 1932, the car was designed by Reid Railton - Chief Engineer, Thomson & Taylor, Brooklands. Cobb set numerous endurance records at Bonneville Salt Flats and in October 1935 set the fastest recorded speed at Brooklands of 152mph.

John Cobb standing next to Napier Railton

The Legendary Engine

The Napier Lion was highly advanced

A 24 litre, double overhead cam, all-alloy aircraft engine – the Napier Lion was first run in 1917 and by the 1930s could produce 1,450 shp in supercharged form. It had an unusual triple-four configuration which minimised frontal area and drag. This was used to great effect by the Supermarine S5 in setting World Speed records.

Bespoke Rotor

A reference to a legendary engine

The Model 1 Triple-Four exhibition back reveals a bespoke rotor. The rotor is signed by Sir Terence and represents the master rod and two articulated conrod configuration of the Napier Lion engine.


The Model 1 Triple-Four Racing Chronograph is only available to buy online and at selected retailers.

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black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races
black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races
black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races