Every Brooklands Watch Company Triple-Four chronograph is painstakingly hand-assembled by our dedicated team at Roventa in Tavannes, a town in the Jura mountains of northern Switzerland. Here, master watchmaker Julien Tattu guides us through the delicate process of bringing one of these limited-edition timepieces to life.

Building the movement

Each movement is hand assembled. Here, the rotor bridge is carefully placed, followed by the oscillating weight rotor which will wind the watch constantly when worn.

The winding stem is carefully inserted into the mechanism.

The O-ring gasket is placed before applying the exhibition back. The gasket helps to ensure water resistance of 10 atmospheres – as is engraved next to the fish symbol on the back of the watch.

Next, each of the hands is manually positioned onto the central axle. The chronograph hand shown here evokes the Brooklands Chronograph Villa clock.

The sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating is fitted and sealed into position.

The case back holding the clear exhibition back in place is inserted, allowing the wearer to view the beauty of the movement.

the triple four watch being carefully held

Now for the first wind: a final hand-check of the winding mechanism and movement. The Triple-Four comes to life.

The strap is fitted, and the Triple-Four Racing Chronograph is complete.

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