A special watch needs a special person to design it; this was something that the founder of Brooklands Watch Company, Simon Jeffs, knew when embarking on the journey to make his dreams of producing a watch come true.

After a trip to Brooklands Museum reignited his passion and sparked a desire to create a watch that was inspired by the masters of timekeeping at Brooklands race track, Simon started to ask the question, “Who was the best person to design our first watch?” Sir Terence Conran was recommended by the Design Museum, but little did Simon know the significance of having Sir Terence design the watch.

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Approaching Sir Terance Conran

In a search for a top designer to help create a luxury watch that would celebrate Brooklands heritage and timekeeping developments, Simon approached the Design Museum for suggestions. Not expecting a response, he decided to “shoot for the stars and emailed Sir Terence,” sharing his vision and inspiration for the watch.

Simon got more than a response from Sir Terence as he agreed to take on the project.

A Prominent Figure in British Design

Having built up a name for himself, Sir Terence Conran was a revered designer in the UK.

Since opening his first design practice in 1956, Sir Terence worked with designers such as Mary Quant, David Mellor, Thomas Heatherwick and Jony Ive, all of whom were icons in their own right.

Over his career, Sir Terence opened Habitat, a contemporary housewares and furniture design company, the Conran Shop and Benchmark Furniture.

Sir Terence developed a reputation as one of the most passionate men in British design and was noted for moving Britain forward to make it an influential space around the world.

He did not let his reputation down when it came to designing the Triple-Four Chronongraph. Sir Terence met this project with enthusiasm and inspiration because of a connection to Brooklands.

A Personal Connection

Sir Terence was excited about the project as it brought back memories of his father going to the race track on Saturdays. But the connection didn’t stop there, as his mother had also learnt to fly at Brooklands.

This project enabled Sir Terence to revisit some memories 80 years later. A visit to the track got his mind racing with ideas as he started to create a watch that reflected what he was seeing while being a tribute to his parents and their time at the track.

Sir Terence Conran

A Race Track and a Watch

After one visit to Brooklands Museum and seeing what remains of the track itself, Sir Terence came away with concepts for the watch, putting what he saw into a luxury design.

Being particularly inspired by the Napier-Railton racing car, an aero-engined car that had set records at Brooklands, he wanted to include a reference to a key feature of the car in his design. The Napier Lion aero-engine had a Triple-Four cylinder layout and this layout requires a master conrod with an articulated conrod either side. It was this specific reference that created the Triple-Four rotor which can be seen on the back of the watch.

Sir Terence also wanted to create a unique watch face that paid tribute to the famous banking of the track at Brooklands, which allowed the high speeds that were reached there. The effect of this was an unusual one-piece face with a banked outer edge that mimics the banked track at Brooklands.

Finally, Sir Terence wanted to reference the watches used by the timekeepers at the landmark track. This has been done with the bi-compax layout.

Thanks to the design input from Sir Terence, we have created a watch that is filled with British heritage and is the perfect combination between a sports watch and a dress watch.

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