A message from Simon Jeffs, Brooklands watch company founder

For me, there has always been a place for a special watch.  It can be a dress watch or a sports watch but it has to be mechanical and beautiful.  I’d long dreamed about producing such watches with my own watch company, but a busy day job and my pursuits of amateur racing driving and flying meant I never really found the time.

Then, in 2017, a visit to Brooklands Museum was the spark I needed to reignite my passion. I learned that Brooklands could time cars to within 1/1,000th of a second – in 1907. That’s the same accuracy that they use in Formula One races today! A luxury British watch brand inspired by the track’s heritage and excellence in timekeeping seemed the obvious thing to do. Brooklands Watch Company was born.

But who could I get to design our first watch? In 2019 I approached Sir Terence Conran with my vision, thinking, “You might as well aim for the top.”

Sir Terence Conran
Sir Terence Conran

I was in luck – Sir Terence was equally inspired by my project. There was a personal connection – he told me that his mother had learned to fly at Brooklands, and his father was a regular visitor for the motor racing. Sir Terence visited the circuit and his designer’s mind sprang into action, incorporating many of the things he saw into our first of our Swiss luxury watches, the Triple-Four Racing Chronograph Watch.

Side view of Triple four, Model 1 Racing Chronograph by Brooklands Watches.
Side view of Triple four, Model 1 Racing Chronograph by Brooklands Watches.

Stay tuned – over the next few weeks we’ll bring you more about the watch and the exciting people in our world, like our first brand ambassador and the fastest man on earth, Andy Green.

But for now, welcome to the world of Brooklands Watch Company. It’s great to have you on board.

Simon Jeffs,
Brooklands Watch Company

Simon Jeffs - Brooklands Watch Co. founder.