Aerial view of Brooklands racing taken in 1939

Two circular tracks

The Outer Circuit and the Mountain Circuit

The plan view or aerial view of the Brooklands track is an iconic image of Brooklands. The main track and Mountain Circuit are particularly visible.

“The hallmark of good design is simplicity, beauty, functionality and surprise”

interlocked Os appear on posters

Beautiful colour drawings

The posters used to advertise race meetings at Brooklands were beautiful colour drawings representing the latest cars at speed. At some point, Brooklands was represented with interlocked Os on these posters.

The supercharger

The Supercharger was a major factor in the development of more powerful engines for racing cars and aircraft. Brooklands showcased this new technology in the 1920s and 1930s.

The casing of the Roots Type Supercharger houses the interlocked rotors and the end casing looks like interlocked Os.

The Font

TJ Cobden-Sanderson was an English artist and bookbinder associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement.

A search was carried out for a font that would have been used in the period prior to the opening of Brooklands in 1907.
Doves Press was founded by TJ Cobden-Sanderson in 1900 and produced some of the finest examples of 20th-century typography.

Hammersmith Bridge

Cobden-Sanderson cast the type, including all the tools and jigs needed to replace it, into the mud of the Thames, starting in 1916 and making approximately 170 trips to complete the disposal. With the help of divers, Robert Green managed to recover 150 pieces of the original type from the riverbed in 2015, which helped him to refine his digital version of the font.

The Dove at Hammersmith

Where the Doves Press was established

The Dove at Hammersmith, dating back to the 17th century. In the distance, towards the end of the terrace, is the house where the Doves Press was established. The riverside terrace of The Dove is one of the most famous Thameside pub locations. In 1740 James Thomson wrote the words to the patriotic song "Rule Britannia" in an upstairs room at The Dove.

The Dove at Hammersmith

The Napier-Railton holds the all-time Brooklands lap record, set in 1935


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black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races
black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races
black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races