Portrait of Sir Terence Conran

The Designer

Sir Terence Conran

“Terence Conran was instrumental in the re-designing of post-War Britain and his legacy is huge. He is revered by generations of designers from Mary Quant and David Mellor to Thomas Heatherwick and Jony Ive. He changed the way we lived and shopped and ate. He also created a great institution – the Design Museum.”

Tim Marlow, Director & Chief Executive, Design Museum  

“The hallmark of good design is simplicity, beauty, functionality and surprise”

The Limited edition face

A heritage white colour that has a complex opalescent finish

Sir Terence would ensure that the design of the Triple-Four Racing Chronograph referenced the Brooklands track banking which allowed such high speeds.  The face of the Triple-Four is unusual in that it is designed as one piece, with the outer edge similar to a banked track.

Triple four, Model 1 Racing Chronograph by Brooklands Watches.

The Napier-Railton holds the all-time Brooklands lap record, set in 1935


The Napier-Railton aero-engined racing car

During his visit to Brooklands Museum, Sir Terence was particularly taken by the Napier-Railton. This huge car was purpose built to win races and set records at Brooklands and beyond and has a highly polished all-aluminium body. The key to its success was the legendary 24 litre Napier Lion aircraft engine. Producing 595bhp, the derated mark XIA was selected to be incredibly reliable and run on standard pump fuel.

our logo and font

Origins & design references

Our interlocked O logo is often in green and silver to represent British Racing Green and aluminium.  The font selected was in common use in the early 1900s.  Doves Type was produced by Doves Press, a company founded  by TJ Cobden-Sanderson in 1900.

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TJ Cobden Sanderson

triple-four Features

Key features of the Triple-Four Limited Edition Racing Chronograph.

The Triple-Four has a one-piece, banked face


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black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races
black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races
black and white photo of couples dressed up at the races